Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scrap Your Stash

I'm a few days late but I've done horribly in Jan. I organized my Valentines/Love Stash and made some cards for my etsy but regrettfully none have sold. I'm thinking towards Spring/St Patricks Day next. But I also brought a kit I wanted to finish up my SF layout project then realized just how much travel goodies I have. Putting it all together in one organizer and hoping to use it for all of my mini trips too. Entered a leftovers swap and looking forward to paring down especially my Christmas and VD goodies. I didn't do any layouts for Jan but hoping for at least 4 for Feburary starting with my annual solo Superbowl challenges. So, if you know of any good travel layout challenges this week or love/heart/Vday card challenges for this week?


  1. You may want to check Feline Playful. They have a list of current challenges.

  2. I think Feline Playful doesn't have a list of challenges any more... Here's one that is a color challenge. The colors are perfect for Vday. Pairing down your Christmas supplies is a great idea! I need to do that too :)

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I've never heard of either blog. Love the color combo on the color challenge. Regrettfully it looks like Feline Playful just lists card challenges but its great to have for when I'm in a cardish mood. Wonder if there's a similar site for layout challenges?